Supporting Women

Avon has been supporting women for 135 years, it is part of the our DNA. Research shows again and again, that when one woman’s life improves, it benefits her family, her community and the wider world we all live in.

Which is why we launched stand4her, a global programme to help create opportunities for women to build their own success in their own way and on their own terms.

stand4her is our plan to improve the lives of 100 million women every year. It is our global response to the barriers still holding women back from reaching their full potential. It aims to improve the world by advancing their earning potential through the power of beauty, and their ability to live a safe and healthy life.

The Avon Foundation for Women, founded in 1955, tackles the causes that matter most to women, taking a female-centric approach to break down traditional barriers and build a better future for women. Its ethos is based on the belief that the greater the support, the more empowered women feel to take control of their own safety and health.

Over the last six decades Avon and the Avon Foundation have contributed over $1 billion USD to the causes that matter most to women. Working in partnership with affiliate Avon Foundations and Avon countries around the world, the Avon Foundation for Women is a driving force behind charitable, scientific, educational and humanitarian work that improve the lives of women and their families.

From raising awareness, to delivering lifesaving resources, we are deeply proud of the Avon Foundation for Women and its pioneering work on women’s causes, as the Breast Cancer Crusade.

With the support of the Avon Foundation, we have renewed our global commitment to the cause with the launch of the Avon Breast Cancer Promise, a multi-year pledge educating women about breast health.

Early detection of breast cancer saves lives. At Avon, we believe that no woman should die because she was left in the dark about breast cancer. Yet too many women still aren’t aware of their risks, and don’t know what signs to look for, or what to do and where to go if they have concerns.

Over the last 30 years, with the support of our independent Avon Representatives worldwide, and our employees and customers, we have donated more than $800 million to breast cancer causes, educated 180 million women about this disease, and funded breast health screenings for nearly 20 million women.

Aims to reach 100 million women each year with education about breast cancer to ensure women know the risks, know the signs, and how to take action.

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